Thursday, July 1, 2010

Permission to Change

You know how you have an idea in your head . . . and you think about something often. But for some reason it takes reading or hearing it from someone else, anyone else, to make it really click?? I just had that happen!! I found a new blog, - and her post today was a letter to her 25 year old self . . . apparently, if we had met at 25, we would've been friends - because I felt like I could've written this to myself . . . a weird sense of peace came over me . . .

I can’t promise that at 29 you’ll have all the answers or that you’ll feel 100% confident in the direction you’re headed. You’ll wonder often if you’ve made the right choice to stay home, if life would be easier on all of you if you went back to work. You’ll question if you’re cut out for this stay at home mom bit or if your son would be better off spending his days with people who actually *enjoy* painting and rolling Playdoh with toddlers. There will be some days when it hits you like a ton of bricks that now, more than ever, you are miles away from what you paid tens of thousands of dollars on a 4 year degree to become. But what you will have learned by now, Jill, is that the best gift only you can ever give yourself is permission to change- to change your mind, to change your views, to change your opinions, to change your goals.

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