Monday, March 22, 2010

And so it begins

It seems that in the recent weeks all the change that has occurred in our life has propelled my mind into a spiral - neither really downward or upward - just a continual circle.

I think that a lot of it hit a head the other day when I had someone outright balk at me for not being of the Christian faith. This seems to have catapulted me into a strong feeling of necessity to hash out what I've put on hold since I graduated college - my world views and my moral frameworks . . . and I feel compelled to do it quickly before I have to teach my children.

When I was in college and studying philosophy, my brain was never given the break to exist in anything other than a constant questioning state. By the time I was done on that last day and had completed 2 20 page theses (1 on ecofeminism and the other on my definition of religion) I think my brain shut off . . . and I let it.

Well - 8 years after the fact, break time is over. I have a lot of things that I want to accomplish, but the first and foremost is being an effective and engaged parent. Being challenged the other day so blatantly has made me realize that the time has come for me to be cemented enough in my belief system and my views on morality because I need to start relaying that to the 2 little people running around my house.

So off to my bookshelf I went to go and recapture what it is I found so appealing about Buddhism in college . . . which lead me to Amazon, because I need a little help redefining and making this applicable to children.

And in an attempt not to clutter up the blog about our family that I intend to print as a chronicle for our children, I've just decided that it will be healthy for me to have a separate page (that most likely no one will read) for my own random thoughts. If nothing else, that BA in Philosophy has at least earned me the ability to be my own devil's advocate and work things out . . . by typing :)

Let the learning and endless talking begin . . . .